this is a private event for the limited amount of registered 250 dancers, because our priority is the event to stay in family-like mood.
  • This is a 100% pure salsa social dance event, right ?
  • Yes, NO workshops, NO shows, JUST pure social dancing and it will be a kick ass party like no one have seen before.
    We have TOP DJs that will care of you. So sleep well before you come to Prague, here won’t be a time for nothing else than just a dance
  • Can I register without a recommendation ?
  • Yes, you can
  • Can I come to just one day/night party ?
  • NO, it is not possible. This is an event only for the registered dancers.
    If you want to taste the flavor of it and meet the great dancers, you still can come to welcome and after party.
  • I did the registration but still have not received any email ?
  • Please be patient. Choosing the guests from all the applications for the event is not an easy process.
    Me and the whole team are doing the best to finish it as soon as possible.
    As soon as we have the spot for you or we cannot accept more guests due to gender balance, capacity of the event, quota of your country or other criteria, we will let you know.
  • Can I buy a flight and book a hotel before I receive confirmation email and get the spot ?
  • NO, you should not do it. Due to extremely high demand we had to put more than 300 applications to waiting list.
    PLEASE, always wait for the confirmation email offering you the spot.
  • Can I upgrade my pass from STANDARD to MAX ?
  • Yes, just come. You can give the difference between passes to our ladies at registration desk upon your arrival.
  • What is the registration process ?
  • Just come to the reception. You do not need anything else, but your passport or ID card to show the ladies at registration desk. They have the list of all guests.
  • I have the pass but cannot come anymore, what shall I do ?
  • The FULLPASS and payment is NON-REFUNDED. Please check the deadlines for pass transfer to our next possible event
    Please be advised that after 26th April 2020 transfer of the pass is NOT possible because all the services, food and restaurant is already paid.